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  • 1968
    Begins accompanying with Songkla Educational College

    The Thaksin university library begins accompanying with Songkla Educational College in 1 October 1968.

  • 1969
    Songkla Education College Library

    On start, the library had 2 floors, with the estimated area of 1080 Square meter, named Songkla Education College Library.

  • 1974
    Library Center

    We start our survice on the 1st semester of 1967. After that, on 29 June 1974 the organization have been changed from Songkla Education College to the Srinaklarinvirot University, so the name of library had changed to Library Center.

  • 1989
    New building as 5 floors

    In 1989, Srinaklarinvirot University Songkla had expaned to Phatthalung provine and then changed the name to Southern of Srinaklarinvirot University. On time, the building of Library Center has declined and with increasing of the user. So the new building as 5 floors builder with the using area about 9660 m2 and 1200 seat was established.

  • 1995
    Start survice

    start survice on 3 January 1995

  • 1996
    Thaksin University Library

    Because the organization have been changed the name to Thanksin University on 1 November 1996. So, the Library Center have been changed to the Thaksin University Library.