The Wiley Handbook of Sustainability in Higher Education Learning and TeachingInternational Community Development Practice
Innovation and Public PolicyDictionary of Public Policy
An Introduction to English Morphology. A Textbook for Advanced University Students of LinguisticsEnglish Morphology for the Language Teaching Profession
Handbook of Research Methods for Marketing ManagementApplied Structural Equation Modeling Using AMOS: Basic to Advanced Techniques
Juvenile Justice in Europe: Past, Present and FutureJuvenile Justice in Britain and the United States: The Balance of Needs and Rights
International Human Rights Law and DiplomacyGeneral Principles for Business and Human Rights in International Law
The Impact of Environmental Law: Stories of the World We WantAdvanced Introduction to International Human Rights Law
Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification, 1st EditionPathophysiology: A Practical Approach
Beat Osteoporosis with Exercise : A Low-Impact Program for Building Strength, Increasing Bone Density and Improving PostureFast Facts for the ER Nurse, Fourth Edition : Guide to a Successful Emergency Department Orientation
Electrocardiography in Emergency, Acute, and Critical CareBiochemistry and Function of Antifreeze Proteins
Antifreeze Proteins Volume 2 : Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and ApplicationsMarijuana in America: Cultural, Political, and Medical Controversies
Kratom and Other Mitragynines : The Chemistry and Pharmacology of Opioids From a Non-Opium SourceChocolate Crisis : Climate Change and Other Threats to the Future of Cacao
Chocolate and Health : Chemistry, Nutrition and TherapyTeas, Cocoa and Coffee : Plant Secondary Metabolites and Health
Nutrition and Feeding of Organic CattleIntroduction to Plastics Engineering
The ISO 45001:2018 Implementation HandbookPatty's Industrial Hygiene, Hazard Recognition
Patty's Industrial Hygiene, Evaluation and ControlBiomechanics of Martial Arts and Combative Sports
Combat SportsAgility in Sport
Sports and FitnessSport Psychology : The Basics
Sports and Aging : A Prescription for LongevityInnovation in Sport : Innovation Trajectories and Process Optimization
Learn Data Mining Through Excel : A Step-by-Step Approach for Understanding Machine Learning MethodsStatistical Learning and Modeling in Data Analysis : Methods and Applications
Direct Liquid Fuel Cells : Fundamentals, Advances and FutureNon-Noble Metal Fuel Cell Catalysts
Modern Semiconductor Physics and Device ApplicationsStatistical Physics
Molecular Genetics of Axial Patterning, Growth and Disease in Drosophila EyeSynthetic Biology : Omics Tools and Their Applications
Plant Cell and Tissue Culture – A Tool in Biotechnology : Basics and ApplicationPlant Systematics : An Integrated Approach, Fourth Edition